Florida Fruit Sale

The fruit sale is underway and you can purchase fruit until November 9th.

This is our major fundraiser of the year!  If you have any questions, please contact me.  Link to purchase below.

Welcoming you to DECA

Welcome to Burlington High School DECA!

DECA welcomes all students who have taken a business class, or are currently taking a business class to join a very special and fun club here at BHS:  DECA!  We encourage all students who want to join DECA to find time to make sure they have a business class scheduled during the next course selection.

We will have an informational meeting after school, Thursday, September 29th and our first meeting for those students who will join is Thursday, October 6.  We will meet every other Thursday from October 6 until our first competition December 15th (All day Field Trip back by 2:30 to BHS) and we will have various meeting times to accommodate all our members who have after-school  commitments so you can go to club meetings after school OR in the evening after sports.

DECA is a business club that specializes in the growth in areas such as marketing, hospitality, management, finance/accounting, and service. Students have lots of fun in DECA while developing skills that are critical for success in any career. Here is what some DECA alumni (BHS graduates) have said:

Coming into the club as a sophomore, I was a very shy person who did not like being ‘put on the spot’ for anything. Through DECA, I was able to overcome my shyness and develop extensive communication skills that are a valuable asset to possess in the competitive college world.Dan

Without DECA, I would not have learned at such a young age my true aspirations to enter the corporate field and it helped me to plan my career path that ultimately put me ahead of my peers – Gina 

During Regionals, I was beyond nervous because I didn’t really know anyone who was in DECA with me and I didn’t quite know what to expect. After going through the test and role-play, I could relax and was surprised at how fun and interesting it was. When I was called up for third place in my category, I was truly excited to be doing this again at States. Little did I know that even for my first time participating in DECA, I would be moving onto states with multiple new friends I made in my chapter. – Casey 

So join DECA!  If you want to learn more about DECA but aren’t ready to sign up yet, fill out this form:

If you know you want to join DECA, please sign up on this form and feel free to ask questions of any of the DECA leaders or Mrs. Anderson:

DECA President: Sam Porcello. VP Officers: Dylan MacKinnon, Raphy DeCarlucci, Coleman Began.  Officers: Aashay Madhani, Ed Stanton,Cam Mercier, Nick Vallerand. Leaders: Matt Roper, Sean Phair, Arushi Srivastava

We look forward to welcoming you to the DECA team.

Follow the chapter updates on twitter!  @burlington_deca