1st Term Wrap Up

As we end the 1st term, students are completing quizzes, tests, SMART Goals and continuing to pick investment options. The freshman team “The Gamblers #Makin Bacon” (Mike M and Joe V) has demonstrated the best return out of all the class teams with their investments in NetFlix (NFLX) and iRobot (IRBT) which showed 24% and 14% returns respectively since they invested in them.

Introduction to Business

Students learned how to measure the health of an economy by looking at the trends of Gross Domestic Product, Inflation, Consumer Confidence and Unemployment.  After reviewing the numbers we discovered that the US economy is showing some positive movement but the growth is slower than as seen previously in history.  They also viewed how Unemployment is calculated and how the Unemployment number can continue to decrease while potential workers drop out of the workforce and remain uncounted.  They saw how over time, that the non-working but eligible working population has grown at about the same rate that the unemployment rate has decreased.


The first unit has wrapped up and students took a test during this last week to demonstrate their command of the Value of Marketing, Target Marketing, the Core Functions of Marketing and the relationship between Market Segmentation, Target Markets and Customer Profile.  Students did a terrific job on the tests and we can move forward next term in applying knowledge to various projects.


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