Week 5 -Stock Purchases, Gains and Losses

All classes participated this week in purchasing their stocks and seeing the results of their actions.

As a class together, we purchase Callaway Golf stock (ELY).  I selected this stock for them so they could experience purchasing a stock.  The stock is valued at time of purchase at about $11.60 and since students have to purchase 10 shares minimum, the impact of this purchase on their 100K portfolio is minimal.

Students were then instructed to find and research their own stocks and purchase 2 more companies in different industries and spend about 8 – 9K per stock purchase.  Students also have to fill out a research report on each stock to describe the company, what sector and industry it belongs to, recent news, analyst opinion and mean price targets as well as the stocks 52 week high and low as well as the dividend payout and yield.  Based on first week results we have the following teams show the best return on their portfolios:

Period 2:  Team Colorful Small Mac and Cheese: Sam, Clara and Marissa

Period 3: Team Always Money in Philadelphia: Ed and Griffin

Period 4: Team Riskee Business: Victoria and Krunal

Period 6: Team Soup-A-Stars: Jessica and Meaghan M

Period 7: Team Lil Boat: Kevin, Justin and Hakeem

Students won a full size candy bar and 5 points extra credit. Future wins will be based on the teams with the highest percent change in the portfolio.  This week the best team overall in the High School, Team “Always Money in Philadelphia” were ranked 2nd out of 450 MA high teams and had a huge increase in performance because of an astute purchase of DECK (Decker Outdoors) which showed an increase in price over the last few trading days.

A few stocks also moved contrary to students wishes such as TWTR (Twitter) which had increased in price, then decreased and stayed there after purchasing interest in the company dwindled.


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