Welcome Back!

Students in Mrs. Anderson’s class enjoyed their first week getting to know their classmates and topics to be covered in their business class.

Goal setting via SMART goals was the focus at the end of the week.  SMART goals are (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Rigorous, Realistic and Results Focused, and Timely and Trackable).  We discussed how Cinderella’s advice in her movie “If you keep on believing The dream that you wish will come true” was not the formula for success.  We realized that taking baby steps (Thank you 1991 Movie What about Bob for those inspirational ideas) towards loftier goals was the way to go.

Students developed their own SMART goal for the school year and you can ask them what they are hoping to accomplish by the end of October.

These skills are important in life and thus embedded into the business curriculum to enable students to have the skills they need to find success in whatever endeavors they pursue.

Parents, please contact me if you want to be updated on school assignments your student does in school.  I can add your email into my Google Classroom and you’ll get updated on what topics and assignments they are working on.


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